The Minister of Industry has called for an emergency convention as Italy’s pasta industry is being threatened by inflation. Climbing sharply over the past year, the price of the nation’s fundamental food staple has shot up an estimated 17.5 percent.

Adolfo Urso, Italy’s Industry Minister of Enterprise has announced an emergency convention to find the reason for increasing pasta prices.

The commission is comprised of pasta makers, consumer rights groups, and lawmakers and will explore how costs of the notable food can possibly be rising while the price of durum wheat has dropped roughly 30 percent. The grain that most Italian pasta makers use to prepare their noodles has exhibited this sharp decline in cost while the noodles, themselves have skyrocketed in value over the same one-year timeframe.

According to reports, issues with supply are due to the continuing Russia-Ukraine conflict, as inflation encompassing supply chain disruptions and raw materials are extensive across all of Europe. Consumers rights groups beg to differ, citing corporate greed as a significant culprit.

“There is no justification for the increases other than pure speculation on the part of the large food groups who also want to supplement their budgets with extra profits,” Furio Truzzi, the president of the consumer rights group, Assoutenti, told the Washington Post.

The average Italian consumer eats roughly 51.8 pounds of pasta, annually, and a hefty 63 percent of Italians enjoy the dish either every day or at least, every other day, according to data from Statista.

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