After 90-days on the new social media Clubhouse App, I have met the most interesting new business contacts! I’ve met different types of people from, Billionaires of major industry, Life Coaches in NLP and unbelievably passionate leaders of social impact, charitable organizations. The rooms that are curated, on so many topics are allowing many of us still stuck at home, to have a platform to speak into and create great dialogue.

This app is a little over 1yr old and really changing the social media game. Clubhouse is pioneering a very simple concept of an audio community but in a way that many of us, have become addicted to being on the app, hours on end. In fact many competitors are coming out of the woodwork.

Those of us on the app since late last year are experiencing personal and business brand growths that haven’t been available to the normal Joe or Sally on social media. Because this app is audio it allows us to share our expertise to become subject matter experts and gain massive followings! 

It is still in beta and you will need to be invited by someone that is on the app, currently. So reach out to your friend or family and see who is on. Ask for the invite and add to this incredibly new community of like minded winning people around the WORLD!

It’s been an incredible experience and I thought to myself, why not share this with the wonderful eco-system of, VT Post. 

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