Have you ever wished it were possible to have your driver’s license stored in your smart phone and not have to dig through your wallet or purse to show a TSA agent at the airport or state trooper who pulled you over for (allegedly) speeding?

Well, now you soon will be able to. If you live in or move to Arizona or Georgia. 

Apple announced that those are the first two states that will support IOS 15’s new ability to store your ID or DL in the Wallet app of your iPhone. 

After AZ and GA, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Utah, Oklahoma and Maryland will be the next states to allow it. 

There is no specific date attached to the announcement, so we know it’s coming, we just don’t know exactly when. 

The function will work just like how adding a credit card to your Wallet app works. On top of scanning your identification into the app, you will also have to provide a selfie for your state to use for verification purposes. 

In order to truly ensure the ID belongs to the person who owns the phone, Apple said users will be prompted to do facial and head movements when they set the process up for additional security measure. 

The new function on the iPhone will be included in iOS 15 this fall when the software update is released. 

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