Shaquille O’Neal has a brand, and it revolves around his massive size. Shaq Fu is a large man, and he made a killing with his frame during his Hall of Fame NBA career. He’s making a fortune in the endorsement and business world since then. 

Could he be as impactful slimmed down? We’re about to find out because there’s a skinnier version of Shaq running around right now, and according to the big guy, he had a specific inspiration that helped him shed 36 pounds. 

Here’s what he told Logan Paul on his “Impulsive” podcast what it was. 

“I like to create crazy motivation. I was looking at myself, and I had that Charles Barkley retirement body. I didn’t want my stomach to be over the belt anymore. So I was just like, ‘Let me go ahead and get slim.’ After that [picture] went viral, now I’ve got to live up to it,

“I was 401 pounds. Now I’m 365. I’m trying to take it back to 345. I want to have muscles everywhere, and I want to do an underwear ad with my sons [for] Fruit of the Loom, baby.”

If you are curious about what Shaq looks like after the weight loss, go search it out on Instagram. He literally has abs. For real. 

He’s improved so much during his 30-40 minute cardio workouts that he claims he no longer has “Charles Barkley Over the Belt Syndrome” anymore. 

Outside of Barkley, another thing that woke Shaq up to improve his fitness and health was a trip to the doctor that revealed he had sleep apnea. He also said he was dependent on (but not addicted to) painkillers. 

He’s not done. He claims he will lose another 20 pounds with the ultimate goal of being a sex symbol. 

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