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How do you feel when you have a conversation with somebody that can recite something you told them a year or more ago? Do you say to yourself, “How does this person even remember the details of what we talked about so long ago?” Do you like and respect the person more because they actually paid attention to what you said?

In this video I give the following 12 tips for how to retain more information:

#1: Ask Yourself Why You Remember What You Do – 1:17

#2: Repetition – 3:08

#3: Debate the Topic with Two or Three People- 4:02

#4: Share It – 5:06

#5: Teach On It – 7:12

#6: Link it to Stories- 8:18

#7: Look Things Up- 9:27

#8: Implement What You Learn – 10:27

#9: Energy and Stamina – 11:21

#10: Focus Energy Into One Subject – 12:38

#11: Focused Attention – 13:58

#12: Play the Memory Game – 15:28

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