As more and more Hong Kongers decide to flee Hong Kong and the stranglehold of Communist China, escaping to the West in what they believe is a free world, there is a growing lack of understanding from the expats community in Hong Kong. There are expats who have been in Hong Kong for years, sometimes decades, and know very well what they left behind a long time ago, and there are the new expats arriving in Hong Kong who have lived through the terror of the last few months in Europe or in the USA with lockdown, restrictions of freedom, censorship of social media, literally millions of deaths from Covid. And on the discussion forums, it gives this kind of picture.

Regarding myself, I can tell you that I feel safer here in Hong Kong, right in the middle of a Free Hong Kong protest than on a normal Saturday afternoon on the Champs Elysée in Paris. But to understand what I mean, you need to experience Hong Kong life. I think I will soon do an article about this that might totally put your brain into cognitive dissonance…

Take care guys and girls…

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