Golfing great Greg Norman shared photos on his social media account Christmas night indicating he was spending some time in the hospital with COVID-19. The 65-year-old Australian golfer, known as “the Great White Shark,” posted a video on Instagram on Christmas Eve saying he was quarantining with coronavirus-like symptoms.

On Friday, Norman posted a couple pictures of himself in a hospital bed and one of a medical professional covered in protective equipment, saying, “This sums it all up. My Christmas Day. On behalf of millions, f•#k CoVid. This get this s@#t behind us never to experience it again.”

Norman said on Thursday that he had taken a COVID-19 test on Tuesday that came back negative. Judging by his Instagram posts, it would appear that he has since confirmed COVID-19 as the culprit.

On Thursday, as Norman was talking about his symptoms in his Instagram post, he said he is ready to get past all of this and looking forward to the new year. “It’s been an ugly one,” Norman said. “I for one am looking forward to getting out of this quarantine and looking forward to building whatever the great future is for 2021 and beyond.”

His son, Greg Norman Jr., also said on social media that he had tested positive. The Normans spent last weekend in Orlando, Florida, playing in the PNC Father-Son Challenge.


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