While U.S. military veterans and fallen soldiers are given less than a week of commemoration throughout the year, the month of June has been dubbed “Pride” month for the LGBTQIA+ community.

It is nothing new to hear of corporations hopping on the rainbow bandwagon, creating brand campaigns specifically for this target audience, in hopes of monopolizing it.

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In a recent collaboration with British Glamour magazine, Logan Brown, a topless transgender male is featured on their June cover to commemorate Pride month. But Brown wasn’t just posing alone – “he” is pregnant.

“I’m a pregnant trans man and I do exist. No matter what anyone says, I’m living proof,” The tweet reads, quoting Brown.

The 27-year-old cover model who was born female but now identifies as a man, posed in a painted-on suit, showcasing the very large baby bump. According to the magazine, Brown unexpectedly became pregnant when “he” was taking a break from testosterone treatments due to health reasons.

“I’ve been brought up in a very close-knit family, and so to bring a baby into the world in a queer relationship is the best feeling ever,” Brown said in the interview. “I feel like we’ll be able to love and appreciate each other, and my daughter will be able to grow up knowing that she’ll always be loved and accepted for whoever she is. And I think that’s a really important thing for her to be around.”

In his interview, Brown discusses his journey exploring an identity of being trans” after initially coming out as a lesbian. Brown is currently writing a children’s book called “My Daddy’s Belly: The Miracle of Male Birth,” describing the suffering from “really bad mental health” issues as a child.

“I took a pregnancy test and it was positive…it was like my whole world just stopped. That everything, all my manlihood that I’ve worked hard for, for so long, just completely felt like it was erased,” Brown said.

“It was really hard because how do you tell your partner, ‘Oh, I’m pregnant, but oh, I’m also your boyfriend as well,’” Brown added. “The reaction was mixed emotions for both of us.”

“I spent so much time feeling shame and being hard on myself until I thought, ‘You can enjoy this process or make it really difficult for yourself.’ I’m a pregnant man, and we’re very lucky, and I’m proud to do what we’re doing.”

Folks took to Twitter to express their outrage on yet another company going woke:

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