San Francisco Mayor London Breed proposed a whopping $6.8 billion budget Wednesday, according to Bloomberg reports. 

At an outdoor press conference addressing the state of the city, the mayor didn’t mince words when proposing the budget.

“We have tried over and over again, and what we are doing is not working. In fact, our local resources have increased, but it has not dealt with the problem based on the magnitude of what we’re experiencing. We want to get people help but we will not continue to allow things to just occur as they have been.”

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Shortly after, a protestor threw a brick on the stage, hitting the child and police officer who helped hoist the American flag. Luckily, no one was hurt or seriously injured, and the protestor was arrested:

Protestors followed the incident with shouts, chanting “NO MORE COPS,” after Breed proposed adding an additional 220 police officers.

Breed also drew ire by proposing cutting city service budgets by 5%. Protestors were enraged she wouldn’t bail out the city’s public transportation, which is on its last leg, financially.

But Breed might feel there isn’t a reason to keep her city’s public transportation robust. Downtown offices stand at a 30% vacancy – the highest in its history. Why increase public transit funding when there are less jobs that residents would need to commute to?

Breed is making a smart play – back in 2018, she campaigned as the moderate in the race. She advocated to not slash the police budget, (this is the first time she actually wants to dramatically increase it), and to provide tax breaks for tech companies to remain located within the city.

The problem is, she’s been fighting an uphill battle since she assumed office in 2018, and San Francisco plunges even further into despair.


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