It was the matchup US Open fans weren’t exactly anxious to see, but there it was, playing out in full view of thousands of fans at Flushing Meadow during the early rounds of the famed tennis tournament in New York City. 

Bill Clinton, invading the private space of famed sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer.  A truly fantastic scene, with the elderly sex-obsessed expert chatting up a storm. And Dr. Ruth was there too. 

They were both on hand to watch what will almost certainly be Serena Williams’s final US Open tournament, and she cast aside her first-round opponent Danka Kovinic in straight sets.

The real action was in the stands, as A-list stars made sure they were in the stands and photographed, hoping to convince onlookers that they knew something about tennis.  Spike Lee, Mike Tyson, Anna Wintour, and Hugh Jackman were there. So were less significant personalities, including Lindsey Vonn, who had several minutes of fame when she dated Tiger Woods, and Oprah’s best friend, Gayle King. 

The real hot action, though, was in the VIP seats where Clinton chatted it up with 94-year-old Dr. Ruth, the world’s foremost authority on sex. Clinton did everything but take out a notebook and jot down some of the words of wisdom the 94-year-old was sharing with him. 

The moment was somewhat awkward, and with the action on the court being less than thrilling as Serena thrashed her opponent, the announcers couldn’t help but comment on Clinton making google eyes at Dr. Ruth. 

Here’s what Chris Evert said to John McEnroe. 

“They’re really involved in some sort of… She’s giving him advice. She just gave him advice. Yep, you shouldn’t be doing that.”

Johnny Mac followed with, “why is his face getting redder?”  It’s true; if you get a chance to see the video of this convo, Clinton’s face was oddly rosy. 

The deeper Serena goes into the tournament, the hotter a ticket to watch her play will be. 

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