President Trump vowed to not give up the fight in his battle to “stop the steal” and he shows no indications of slowing down. On Sunday, the president’s legal team filed a new petition with the Supreme Court asking to reverse the previous rulings from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which eased a number of the state’s election rules.

In the lead up to the election, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed changes to the rules related to signature verification, election day observation and mail-in ballot declarations. Those three rulings are at the center of Trump’s legal team’s filling.

“Collectively, these three decisions resulted in counting approximately 2.6 million mail ballots in violation of the law as enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature,” Trump’s attorney John Eastman wrote.

The statement went on to argue that the decisions of the court “likely changed the result in Pennsylvania and, potentially, the outcome of the overall presidential election.”

The petition also cites a “related Pennsylvania case” where Justice Alito and two other justices observed the constitutionality of the state court’s decision to allow for an extended statutory deadline for receipt of mail-in ballots from 8 p.m. on Election Day to 5 p.m. three days later. Trump’s attorneys argue that the court’s decision had “national importance” and was a possible violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The Trump campaign’s petition asks the court for an expedited review and replies by Thursday, as time becomes a factor with Congress meeting Jan. 6 to consider the votes of the Electoral College.

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