If you have European friends, there’s a good chance you didn’t reach them for a good part of this past Saturday.

And depending on which part of Europe they were from, their mood was greatly affected by what happened in Turkey.  It was the Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan, and that match was such a big deal that most things in Europe came to a standstill.

That includes the consumption of porn.

The data is out, and the numbers reveal that traffic on Pornhub was 32% below average in Italy during the game. That will tell you that all eyes (or most) were glued to the match, which Manchester City won, 1-0.  So, to cope with the pain of the loss, it appears fans in Italy found a unique way to deal with it, as Pornhub traffic soared 17% above average after the game. 

What about the UK, the home country of Manchester United?  Traffic was down less significantly, a 17% dip during the game. 

It’s not just big sporting events that lead to decreased porn traffic. Another big cultural event that moves the needle is Apple product releases. Pornhub has been tracking the significant Apple events for years to study the phenomena, and like clockwork, when a hot item like a new iPhone release occurs, traffic dips double digits every time. 

Before you start thinking that the United States is loaded with Puritans and scoff at the European porn data surrounding their soccer championship, consider this; Pornhub website traffic in Philadelphia during the Super Bowl in February was down 35%. 

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