A group of African gray parrots in Lincolnshire, England, apparently spent their COVID quarantine teaching each other to swear and then laughing at each other’s obscenities. “When a parrot tells you to ‘f*** off,’ it amuses people very highly,” park CEO Steven Nichols told The Associated Press (AP). “It’s brought a big smile to a really hard year.”

The foul-mouthed birds arrived at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in August and shared a room, according to Nichols. Initially, the parrots’ profanity made staff members laugh, which similar to pre-teen boys, only encouraged the birds to keep using their dirty words. The parrots equated the words to laughter and eventually started laughing at their own swear words.

“We are quite used to parrots swearing, but we’ve never had five at the same time,” Nichols told AP. “Most parrots clam up outside, but for some reason these five relish it.”

Nichols went on to tell the BBC News, “With the five, one would swear and another would laugh and that would carry on,” he said. “I’m hoping they learn different words within colonies, but if they teach the others bad language and I end up with 250 swearing birds, I don’t know what we’ll do.” 

In an effort to keep the obscene language at bay, the UK Wildlife Sanctuary has now moved the birds away from the outdoor aviary. There has been no word from the birds since their move, but we can only assume they ****ing love it!



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