Salaries of Facebook employees have been revealed, and the lowest paid employee in the entire company is their CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

No need to organize any crowd funding initiatives for Zuck, as he is worth $134 billion as of today, which comes from his ownership of the company, not the $1 per year salary he commands. 

If you are curious as to what paychecks at Facebook are like, here’s some details Business Insider revealed in a story. 

Engineers at Facebook, a very important role for the tech giant, make around $360,000 per year. 

An in-house ad-agency director at Facebook makes a similar salary of roughly $330K. 

Six figure salaries are the norm.  Software engineers make varying salaries depending on where they live.  For instance, one in New York will make $160,000 compared to a software engineer in Rhode Island or Texas who pull down $118,000 according to BI. 

Data scientists make $100K to start, and more experienced employees get up to $260,000. 

Research scientist salaries range from $150,000 to $280,000. 

A product designer can make between $105,000 and $221,000.

There are about a dozen different engineer job titles at Facebook.

Hardware engineers make between $153K and $230K while the range for a network engineer will fetch between $110,000 and $218,000.

A Global safety policy director at Facebook should expect to make $267,000. 

A content strategist will make between $121,000 and $179,000. 

How about a Global partnership lead? Just under $200K. 

Internal communications directors make $297,000. 

A strategic advisor gets $250,000. 

It’s almost impossible to find anyone not making a six figure salary at Facebook. Business Insider got this data from pulling numbers from thousands of work-visa applications, and it covers salaries for jobs Facebook is hiring from the countries, but the salaries are the same as what they company would pay American workers. 

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