The next time you see an Amazon delivery person in your neighborhood hustling in and out of their van, give them a tip of the cap, nod, wave or shout-out for pulling off a logistical Christmas miracle during the 2020 holiday season. The tech giant said it had a “record-breaking holiday season.”

That means a lot of sales, a lot of deliveries, and a lot of hard-working humans. According to Amazon, the company delivered more than 1.5 billion packages, primarily toys, electronics, home products, and beauty and personal-care products.

The staggering stats are not only good for Amazon’s bottom line, but small and medium-sized businesses sold more than 1 billion products through Amazon, and third-party business on Amazon saw a 50% increase in sales compared with 2019.

Those good numbers offset some of the negative press the company has received recently, including the fact that almost 20,000 Amazon and Whole Foods employees have contracted COVID-19.

It’s been a wild year for Amazon, and thanks to this holiday success, coupled with the ability to capitalize on the shifting shopping trends when the pandemic hit (people had to buy their toilet paper somewhere since the grocery store shelves were empty), its profit in just the third quarter alone was $6.3 billion.

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