Boycott—Did that Backfire. AOC Earns Employee of the Month Award.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may no longer be a waitress but she’s still helping to sell plenty of food. In fact, she helped Goya sell so much food that she was just named the companies “employee of the month.”

Earlier this year, the progressive congresswoman called for a boycott of Goya products, but it turns out the boycott had the opposite effect. “When she boycotted us, our sales actually increased 1,000%,” Goya CEO Robert Unanue said on the “Michael Berry Show,” “So we gave her an honorary—we never were able to hand it to her—but she got employee of the month for bringing attention to Goya and our adobo.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s call to boycott Goya came after its CEO spoke at a White House event and said that the U.S. was “blessed” to have “a leader like President Trump who is a builder.”

Unanue definitely does not appear to be a fan of AOC, telling Berry that it was interesting to see her “go against her own people” and added that she is “naïve” when it comes to her support of policies such as the Green New Deal.

Goya recently doubled its production with a new $80-million-dollar facility in Brookshire, Texas, to meet its growing demand. Founded in 1936, Goya sells over 2,500 food products from Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and South America.

AOC hasn’t called for any boycotts recently, but seeing the success it brought upon Goya, there are probably plenty of companies hoping to end up on her naughty list this holiday season.

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