As allegations of election fraud carry on and whistleblowers continue to come forward, President Trump is laying out plans to pass landmark election reforms following the Georgia runoff race.

“After we win [the U.S. Senate], we need to pass landmark election reform including voter ID, residency verification, … citizenship confirmation,” Trump said at his Georgia rally on Saturday. “They want to say, ‘He doesn’t have to be a citizen.’ You’ve got to see who’s voting.

“It’s a disgrace that in 2020, no state in America even makes any real attempt to verify that those who cast ballots by mail are eligible and lawfully registered voters. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming,” he added.

The president also plans to overhaul the election security system, putting a target squarely on Dominion Voting Systems, “because right now, Dominion is a joke, not a very funny joke,” Trump said.

Dominion has been the target of a number of lawsuits across the country as accusations of vote flipping, missing thumb drives and votes lost to a glitch continue to surface. Almost immediately following the November election, a whistleblower with a military background in Venezuela alleged in an affidavit that the company Smartmatic had participated in a scheme that manipulated Venezuelan election results in favor of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Many of the lawsuits across the country accuse Dominion machines of being equipped with the Smartmatic software, which lawyers such as Sidney Powell have argued had the potential to manipulate the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

The senate runoffs in Georgia will determine if the Republicans can hold their majority in the Senate and ultimately pass the election reforms Trump is proposing.

The Georgia runoff election is set for Jan. 5, with early voting beginning Dec. 14.

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