President Trump is coming off the sidelines and returning to the game today. Just over a week after being admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, Trump is back and he’s got an official schedule, a travel plan and a fueled-up Air Force One to prove it.

Trump told Rush Limbaugh on Friday that he is drug-free and symptom-free, “I’m not taking anything, I’m off of any regimen that they gave me.”

Monday the President is set to head to Central Florida, where he will hold his first campaign rally since his coronavirus diagnosis. The rally is scheduled to take place at an airport in the town of Sanford. Attendees at the Florida rally will be given masks which they will be encouraged to wear, while also receiving temperature checks and having access to hand sanitizer.

The President and former VP Joe Biden were originally scheduled to take park in a second debate this week, but the Commission on Presidential debates has announced that the debate is now officially canceled. Trump refused to participate in the debate once it was announced that the town hall format event would be a virtual debate with the candidates in separate locations. The final debate which is scheduled for October 22nd is still on track to take place.

In an interview with Fox News, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the President is looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail, “He wants to talk to the American people, and he wants to be out there. There are medical tests underway that will ensure that when the President is back out he will not be able to transmit the virus.”

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