Drake has had a music career unlike anyone in history, and he’d liked to be recognized for it with a big fat check. And you know what? He’s earned it. He posted an Instagram story that showed a screenshot that said he became the first artist to pass 75 billion streams on Spotify.

He might be only partially correct about that. ChartMasters monitors this kind of thing, and they confirm he has 55.1 billion streams on Spotify as lead singer, and then when you add in all of his collars, that number is definitely over 75 billion. 

Besides millions of likes for that IG post, Drake would appreciate it if moving that much product for Spotify came with a nice cash incentive. You know, like his buddies that play his favorite sport for a living. 

Here’s what he wrote on the post. 

“We should get bonuses like athletes to motivate future artists to be consistent and competitive. So feel free to send me a LeBron-sized check. I have enough dinner plates.”

That probably won’t happen. Sorry Champagne Papi. But, on the flip side, he probably doesn’t need his fans to launch a GoFund Me campaign in his name. Drake made an estimated 49 million in 2020, and we can safely assume he hasn’t taken a pay cut since then. 

As for LeBron — his salary alone is $45 million this season with the Lakers. And he brings him much more with his endorsement deals and media and entertainment projects. 

Drake might be bitter that he made the wrong career choice. His net worth is estimated at just under $300 million, while King James has entered billionaire status. 

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