Jed interviews Dr. Christian Gonzalez, also known as Dr. G., about the root of chronic disease and what disease prevention should really look like. They discuss daily exposures to toxic chemicals inside and outside the home, toxic garbage at the grocery store, nature deficit disorder, a dangerous psychological fear of the sun, the impact of overexposure to blue light, the source of a growing mental health epidemic, and how buried emotional trauma could be making you sick. They dig into fertility, traditional medicine’s focus on symptoms rather than cause, and how to begin a journey to true health without becoming overwhelmed by the process.

0:00 – Start
4:11 – The truth about ‘forever chemicals’
11:27 – What are forever chemicals?
19:02 – What can people do to find healthy food in stores?
30:26 – Why you have to expose yourself to sunlight
40:16 – The most significant drivers of cancer
46:30 – The problem with talk therapy
54:00 – The best ways to combat stress
58:42 – The importance of sleep
1:04:41 – Why is there a fertility crisis?

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