Car theft is a massive problem in New York City.

It’s funny how that happens when a DA supported by George Soros takes power, but what isn’t funny is the city’s reaction to skyrocketing crime numbers. New York City has sued South Koran automakers Hyundai and Kia for causing a “public nuisance” by making their rides too easy to swipe. 

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A social media stunt that prompted teenagers to steal vehicles off the street by hot wiring them using just a USB cable was incredibly successful. New York City is blaming the car manufacturers for failing to install devices that could have prevented theft. 

The TikTok challenge happened a couple of years ago, and the results were incredible. Chicago saw an increase of 800% in year-on-year thefts for one month. Los Angeles saw their numbers jump 85%. Numbers in the Big Apple rose big time too, and the city wants to make Hyundai and Kia pay. 

Here is some of the wording from the filing. 

“This case is a clear example of what happens to public safety when car manufacturers choose not to include standard anti-theft technology in their cars. Making sure cars are not easy to steal protects property and the public by keeping dangerous drivers in stolen vehicles off the roads.”

Hyundai responded that it made immobilizers standard on all vehicles beginning in November 2021.  They also claimed to have taken measures to minimize thefts and were in communication with the NHTSA. 

Kia said the obvious, which is, what about the actual thieves? And the role social media is playing in this to encourage the robberies. 

The car dealers are getting ready to write some big checks. Last month Hyundai and Kia agreed to a $200 million consumer class-action lawsuit settlement which covered about 9 million cars, according to Reuters. 

The bad news for them is that other cities are also in on the cash grab, with Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, San Diego, and Seattle taking similar measures against the two manufacturers. 

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