A Brazilian model “treated” her locked-down, closed-up Instagram audience by, uh, opening up to the sun.

Letícia Martins, 23, who is known as Lunna Leblanc, said she sunbathes her vagina for a couple of hours every day and shared images on her page as proof.

The photos show her lying down in a manner suggesting she was, indeed, presenting that particular private part to the sun as part of her routine.

She wrote that the practice helps with sleep, energy and sex drive: “Did you know that exposing your private parts to the sun can provide you with more energy, increase your libido, improve the circadian rhythm (which regulates the entire functioning of the human body) and still help you get a good night’s sleep?”

According to the (U.K.) Daily Mail, Martins recently moved to work in the United Arab Emirates due to COVID-19 restrictions. She lamented one particular aspect.

Because many countries have a policy of no casual sex, she said it’s been “traumatizing,” adding, “I don’t want a lockdown without sex anymore. Nobody can take it.”

According to the (U.K.) Daily Star, Martins spent more than $20,000 on plastic surgery before opening an OnlyFans account.

“I did liposculpture, put prostheses in my breasts,” she said. “I’ve also had butt bioplasty, rhinoplasty and several facial procedures.”

Her account has been open for only three months and, according to the Star, she already “has earned a fortune,” with a goal of approximately $300,000.

“The goal is not to use Photoshop on my photos on OnlyFans,” she added. “I don’t want to be accused of using filters.”

As to the science?

Studies have linked vitamin D to sex drive, although Martins doesn’t cite any science for allowing a part where the sun don’t shine to be fully exposed.



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