Baseball might be America’s pastime (at least it was). Football is our favorite sport. But it’s safe to see that we love gambling on football as much as anything. In fact, it’s probably one of the few unifiers in this country. No matter what you believe politically, chances are you might be throwing down a little something on the Super Bowl this Sunday. 

The numbers are out, and they are staggering. According to ESPN, when the Chiefs and Eagles kick off Sunday in Arizona, there will be an estimated $16 billion riding on it. According to the data from ESPN, over 50 million adults are expected to place at least one bet. That means 20% of the population has some rooting interest in the contest. 

The $16 billion will come from multiple sources, including Vegas casinos and all legal bets, along with what local bookies are taking in and the squares game you will kick $10 into at the Super Bowl party you attend. 

Outside of watching and rating Super Bowl commercials, the other fun thing to do on Super Sunday is to bet on prop bets. There’s a bunch for Sunday, including whether Patrick Mahomes will throw two or fewer touchdown passes.  It’s also the one day you can bet on the coin toss result and how long the National Anthem and halftime show will be. 

If you’re curious where the money is going on the game’s outcome, Casers Sportsbook reported this week that 73% of the bets that had been placed and 74% of the money wagered so far is on the Eagles to cover the spread. Currently, they are 1.5-point favorites. 

Do that many people really think Jalen Hurts is going to outduel Mahomes? Please, I’ll take the all-time talent over the young upstart any day. 

Give me the Chiefs and tails on the coin flip. 

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