Dr. Jen Caudle is a board-certified Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician and a content creator who recently went viral on TikTok after giving a bathing lesson. Dr. Caudle gave a tutorial on the five common body parts many people are not washing. The video has gained nearly 1.3 million likes, and the comments prove some adults need to be cleaner.

First on the list is your belly button. The doctor says this area is often forgotten and gross when left unclean for long periods. The second body part needing to be washed better is your ears. Dr. Caudle advises that if you rub your ear and it smells, you must clean it properly. She says to wash behind your ear, at the top of the ear, and don’t forget the lobe. The third body part can easily be seen when you’re in public. Many people are not washing under their fingernails. More dirt than you could imagine can be found under your nails, so take the extra seconds to clean them while washing your hands.

The doctor also explains letting soap run down your legs is not washing your legs. She advises scrubbing your legs is the only way to get rid of dirt. The last place needing to be cleaned more is your toes. Dr. Caudle says you have to wash and dry in between your toes to prevent infections of all kinds.

Next year, if one of your main priorities will be your health, an easy and simple way to start is to practice cleanliness.

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