It’s a big week at Disneyland.  Fort the first in almost 14 months, the world famous park will open for business on April 30. 

But this is Disney, and California we’re talking bout, so things are going to be very limited, very safe, and maybe not quite to the level of being the “happiest place on earth.”

The capacity will be set at 25%. If you look on the bright side, that’s much shorter waits for the popular rides, which is a good thin. 

However, the clock will be ticking on anything happening indoors.  There will be time restrictions, and once they are hit, look for the Seven Dwarfs to come in and people who’ve hit the time limit outside. 

Some of the iconic thins you think about with Disneyland won’t be happening.  Specifically fireworks.  They are a no go. 

The parades down Main Street that occurred twice daily are a think of the past for the time being too. 

If you have tickets to go, and you feel compelled to hug a your child, that could get you expelled.  Hugs are banned, between guests, workers and mascots.  

It’s a California only experience too, since no-one from out of state will be allowed in the park. 


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