Say this about Shaquille O’Neal; he is not subtle.  When he rolls into a restaurant, people notice the big Shaq Diesel, and he seldom disappoints. Especially Sunday, when he dined in New York City at Chelsea’s Joe Lan Club. 

Shaq was there with an unknown date, and maybe he was trying to impress her because he picked up the tab for the whole joint. Forty tables, all covered by Shaq, and the total was “well over $25,000,” according to a story in 

Page Six broke the story, even though one of the conditions Shaq gave the lucky diners who received the free meal was to keep the news to themselves. Yeah right. Good luck being able to keep a secret when one of the most famous and massive men on the planet, who also happens to be an all-time NBA legend, throws his credit card down so a roomful of grateful patrons could chow down.

If you are curious about what Shaq ate? He had Beijing chicken, shrimp tempura, and the signature chicken satay.  A lot of it, most likely!

Anyone who has met Shaq in person knows this is true; he has the heart to match the rest of his frame.  Shaq is exceptionally generous. Just ask the waiters working that night, who collectively said they received the biggest tip they have ever seen.

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