Carly Bigi’s New York City-based women’s apparel company Laws of Motion has a problem with the New York state government.

Laws of Motion provided protective equipment during the COVID-19 crisis but was not fully compensated – and now court documents accuse Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office of some nasty behavior.

Bigi, the fashion company’s CEO, is seeking at least $33 million for breach of contract and other claims, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

State reps’ behavior included misogynistic tactics as well as the financial concern – and Laws of Motion is on the brink of collapse, the filing said.

“The Cuomo administration had been deliberately obstructionist — all in a very clear attempt to avoid payment and systemically work to silence and destroy anyone they felt superior to,” CEO Carly Bigi told the New York Post.

In April 2020, Laws of Motion agreed to a $26.4 million deal to deliver 2.4 million surgical gowns, according to the suit, filed in the New York State Court of Claims.

The state paid up-front money for a couple of orders, but a spokesman for Gov. Cuomo said the gowns failed to meet requirements agreed upon. 

“The products delivered by this company were not only nonconforming to the requirements of the contract, but were also largely unusable for any medical purpose,” Rich Azzopardi said in a statement. 

Bigi told a different story.

“This is a gross misrepresentation of both the contract and the quality of the gowns delivered, and (we) repeatedly offered to replace any gowns that the parties agreed was potentially non-conforming,” Bigi told the Post when asked for a response.

“But the state was more interested in smearing our company and denying us payment, than ever engaging in a good faith discussion about delivering more PPE to New York’s healthcare workers.” 

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