Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was not someone who possessed a lot of shame. The sick twist was a disgusting human who left a trail of human disaster before “committing suicide” inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center after being arrested on federal sex trafficking charges. 

Hardly a week goes by without a new report that showcases what a lowlife he was, and here’s the latest — he reached out to Larry Nassar just weeks before he “killed himself.”  Nassar is another piece of human slime who, as the U.S. gymnastics team doctor, sexually abused dozens of female gymnasts. 

The letter was one part of newly uncovered records that tracked his actions. 

Here’s the crazy thing; Nassar didn’t want to know what Epstein wanted to tell him. It was returned to sender and showed up a few weeks after Epstein died. 

Here’s a quote from the investigator who found the letter. 

“It appeared he mailed it out, and it was returned back to him. I am not sure if I should open it or should we hand it over to anyone?”

The uncovered records showed Epstein had difficulty sleeping in his jail cell because his toilet wouldn’t stop running. He apparently referred to himself as a “coward.” And he was struggling with transitioning from a sick pedophile living a jet-setting lifestyle to a universally hated jail-bound freak.

Some of the records were said to have dispelled some of the conspiracy theories about his suicide. In the process, they highlight how poorly run the operations were at the Bureau of Prisons. There were staff shortages and all kinds of issues. The lack of organization and communication was glaring. 

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