If you hit refresh on that last Alex Berenson book search, you will find that his latest installment is available on Amazon again.

Berenson’s third book in his series on “Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns” was blocked from sale Tuesday on Amazon, but the online sales giant reversed course and made it available for purchase amid an upheaval from the former New York Times journalist’s readers.

The third edition of his book, an ebook and a paperback, offers his case that face masks are ineffective during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Censorship is alive and well,” Berenson tweeted with his “blocked” status’ screenshot on Tuesday. “Every study I referenced is quoted verbatim with a link to the original paper. WHAT IS GOING ON?”

He told Fox News that he did not know the reason that the book was unavailable for purchase, only receiving a generic note that the book was unavailable.

“Apparently criticizing lockdowns is OK, but not masks,” Berenson said on Fox News, referring to his second installment not being blocked in August.

Berenson later received an email from Amazon to congratulate him on the book being available for sale, but it was the same one he had received before it was posted on the site the first time.

“Amazon should be embarrassed,” Berenson told Fox News. “Given its near monopoly in the book business, it should be trying to offer as many points of views as possible, not suppress them.I am fortunate to have vocal supporters. But we shouldn’t have to keep doing this.”

Berenson might be working on another series, “Unreported Truths about Amazon.”

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