Will robots created by humans be the very thing that destroys us all? Many folks think this will be the case with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and robotics being utilized throughout some countries and states in the United States.

In further robotic advancements, Shanghai announced that the city’s National Exhibition and Convention Center would be converted into a Covid hospital, providing 50,000 beds – just one of six facilities.

Video surveillance of a woman smashing a hospital robot with a club was released on Weibo, Sunday.

According to Jiangxi Morning News, a woman inside the lobby of the Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University in Jiangsu Province’s Xuzhou was seen striking the robot greeter in the head, sending fragments flying.

According to a newspaper citing the hospital, the woman’s initial assessment stated that the woman was suffering from mental illness.

In a tweet posted on Monday, Twitter user @Songpinganq pointed out that robots are increasingly being used to make doctor and medical appointments in China, leaving very few nurses to aid patients. The tweet closed with, “Many find it a frustrating process.”

According to The China Report, medical robots and smart technologies using 5G and multi-sensor positioning for robots to deliver meals and medicines to patients have been in the innovative works, as well as other medical robots aimed at surgery, companionship and disinfection.

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed 41.8 trillion yuan ($6.55 trillion) to China’s medical industry and is expected to reach to 64.2 trillion yuan ($10.07 trillion) by 2025.

Looks like China may be holding on tight to Covid-19 paranoia for years to come – the question is, when will enough be enough for the Chinese people dictated under these restrictions?

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