You knew it would happen, maybe not this fast, though. 

A couple in Florida, Traci and Dave Gagnon met each other in a virtual office in the metaverse back in October of 2015.  Technically it wasn’t called the metaverse at the time, but they were avatars, and the couple met in a virtual, augmented, and physical reality, so the two lovebirds thought they’d continue that theme into their wedding. 

They got married in a virtual chapel, as avatars, as an homage to how they met professionally. 

The virtual venue was designed by an offshoot of the real estate company they work for that creates virtual spaces.  

On September 4, they had a real wedding, in person, in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Roughly 100 guests were there, but they also had a ceremony in the cloud simultaneously. 

There were customized avatars for the wedding party, and guests could even create their own avatars. 

The virtual version of the wedding cost $30,000 according to a story in Insider, but the bride said with less customization, they could have gotten it down to 10 grand, including the customized virtual chapel. 

According to the American Marriage Ministries ‘ website, here’s something to keep in mind if this interests you; marriages that solely take place in the metaverse are not legally recognized. 

Oh, one last thing; we’re assuming the honeymoon was more of a non-virtual experience for the couple. 

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