It’s far worse than that couple wearing matching T-shirts, and it doesn’t really matter who hatched this original, awful idea.

The important result is that it now can serve as a cautionary tale for kindred goofballs thinking about it.

A pair of would-be Ukrainian lovebirds who encountered a relationship rough patch figured that being handcuffed to one another would repair the rift and yield nothing but bliss.

Turns out the idea of “shackling up” stinks.

A mere 123 days later, they found it didn’t work.

Can’t fault the outside-the-box thinking, though.

“I decided it will be an interesting experience for me,” Viktoria Pustovitova told Reuters when the plan was introduced. “It will bring into my life new bright emotions which I did not experience before.”

She and Alexandr Kudlay’s journey, which began in February, was out there for all to see, via Instagram to nearly 8,000 followers.  

As the New York Post wrote: “Talk about dumping the old ball and chain.” 

What a difference a lockdown can make.

“Hooray,” shouted Pustovitova, 29, late last month in a story from The Mirror when she was freed from Kudlay, 33, according to the Mirror. “I am finally free.” 

And, according to Kudlay: “We are not on the same wavelength. We are totally different.”

They did break the world record for the most time a couple has ever spent chained together.

Not surprisingly, Pustovitova was forced out of her job as a beautician (clients did not feel OK with Kudlay hovering during treatments).

The main issue, of course, was the constant presence.

“He did not tell me, ‘I miss you,’ Pustovitova said, “while I would like to hear that.”

Hard to miss someone who never leaves your side.

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