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In today’s video I give you 14 common mistakes teenage entrepreneurs make. I went through a lot of them myself. The future looks bright. So let’s get right into it.

#1: Life is Not Disneyland – 1:12

#2: Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules – 2:27

#3: Don’t Compare Yourself Too Much to Others – 3:09

#4: Don’t Worry About People Stealing Your Ideas – 3:35

#5: Don’t Let Age or Logic Bully You – 4:22

#6: Team up With the Most Driven Individuals – 6:02

#7: Take Care of Your Health Early – 6:55

#8: Don’t Read Crappy Books – 7:28

#9: Learn the Difference Between Ass Kissing and Networking – 8:01

#10: Stop Trying to Be Cool – 9:29

#11: Avoid Putting Yourself in Dumb Situations – 9:52

#12: Don’t Make Sex your God – 11:48

#13: Feeling Like You Don’t Matter – 12:51

#14: Study the Right Content – 15:30

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