It’s hard to comprehend what a joke CNN became under the leadership of Jeff Zucker.  

Under new ownership, the adults running Warner Brothers Discovery have been trying their best to restore any semblance of credibility to their once proud network.  They’ve even gone so far as to try actual news reporting, which interrupted their 24X7 Trump bashing orgy that the network had become.  

We get it, CNN. You hate Trump.  The other thing CNN clearly didn’t care for was profits, but new boss David Zaslav is trying to change that.  

In July, he and CNN President Chris Licht took a trip to Capital Hill in Washington and tried to court Republican politicians, according to a report by the Free Beacon.  During his visit, Licht met with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.  

“We want to win back your trust,”is the quote the Free Beacon attributed to Licht. 

It’s all part of the new plan for CNN to cover the news objectively and pivot away from being an echo chamber for progressives. Will it work? Can it make money? According to Licht and Zaslav, their only objective right now is to become relevant again, no matter what that means ratings-wise. 

The Free Beacon story quoted one Republican lawmaker who was in attendance at the meetings and had a hilarious response. 

“I think he does genuinely want that to happen.  Put aside ideology; I think he thinks CNN sucks.”

Two years ago, during the 2020 election, just 9% of CNN”s audience identified as Republican; frankly, it’s shocking that the number was that high.  Maybe the people polled could not reach their remote control? 

Is CNN serious about this?  Can they possibly have credibility when Trump-bashers Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and Jim Acosta still have prominent on-air roles? 

We’ll see. 

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