Just one day after Apple announced its new iPhone 15 models, a top Chinese official commented on the media reports surrounding iPhone security problems.

According to The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reports, Beijing made plans to restrict the use of iPhones and other foreign-branded devices at central government agencies and state-owned enterprises.

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It was unclear how many government agencies were hit with the ban, however, reports stated that “Beijing has for years restricted government officials at some agencies from using iPhones for work, but the order has now been widened.”

Bloomberg said the foreign ministry’s comments was the first quoted response by any Chinese official to comment on the topic.

“We noticed that there have been many media reports about security incidents concerning Apple phones,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said Wednesday at a press conference in Beijing.

Ning continued, “China has not issued laws and regulations to ban the purchase of Apple or foreign brands’ phones,” adding that Beijing attaches “great importance” to security, and that all companies operating in China must abide by its laws.

Apple’s iPhone 15 debut on Tuesday came just days after China’s Huawei Technologies new advanced smartphone that “breaks the U.S. tech sanction blockage on the country” debuted.

Apple shares usually fall on iPhone release dates, but if Beijing does indeed ban iPhone from government agencies and state-owned enterprises, and with the release of Huawei’s new smartphone, Apple’s market share in China will likely be threatened. Currently, Apple derives 20 percent of its revenue from China.

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