What an impressive NBA championship performance! 

Not by the Milwaukee Bucks, though what they did was fantastic. I’m referring to the absolute King of Bling. Jason Arasheben, aka Jason of Beverly Hills, who once again outdid himself as he designed and manufactured the Bucks’ diamond-laden masterpieces. 

For Arasheben, he’s become the one and only jeweler teams call for championship rings. 

It’s the seventh ring he’s made for NBA champs, and 12th overall. 

And each one just keeps getting bigger, more impressive, and over-the-top. 

As for his latest gem; it features a removable cap on top that can be worn as a pendant. 

So if a player wants to tone things down a little bit, they can still rock the bling without weighing down their ring finger. 

“A lot of players were not able to wear their rings; they weren’t practical. You might take it out on Christmas Eve to show the family, but other than that, they can’t wear it. I wanted to create a ring that had more versatility, where a player could wear it and let it be comfortable. This one is just as big as these massive rings, but we developed a technology that allows the ring top to be taken off with a push button system, and the ring top can be converted into a pendant.”

Believe it or not, the removable top is not the most outrageous aspect of the ring. Once the top is removed, a QR code is buried inside the ring that can be scanned to bring up a video that plays highlights from the playoff run. 

Some other highlights of the ring:

360 diamonds to represent the number of wins the team has had since the new ownership group took over. 

4.14 karats of emeralds represents the 414 Milwaukee area code.

50 round stones on the “inner bezel” represent the 50 years since their last title. 

Aresheben also designed the Tampa Bay Bucs ring earlier in the year. 

Next up; he’ll outdo himself yet again for the World Series champion.

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