I don’t know if you’d go so far as to call Bruce Springsteen a “Bad Boy of Rock n Roll,” but he did plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of drinking alcohol in a national park.

That’s a step above jaywalking, and probably a notch or two below egging someone’s house, but regardless, The Boss now has a criminal record to go with his dozens of the records he’s recorded.

The good news for Springsteen is a federal prosecutor dropped the more serious charges of drunken and reckless driving, for the simple fact they didn’t think they had a shot to prove it in court.

Springsteen was arrested in November at Gateway National Recreation Area in New Jersey, just minutes from his home in Colts Neck.

The rock legend agreed to having a little something to drink, telling a federal magistrate in his virtual arraignment “I had two small shots of tequila.”

Prosecutors dropped the DWI and reckless driving charges because Springsteen’s level of intoxication was just .02, which is way below the legal limit.

No jail time, but Springsteen will have a $540 fine to take care. “I think I can pay that immediately, Your Honor,” NBC reported him saying.

The arrest hasn’t stopped Springsteen from being in the public eye. He was in a Super Bowl commercial and earlier this week former President Barack Obama shared details that he and Springsteen were launching a podcast called “Renegades: Born in the USA.”

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