Enes Freedom had a decent NBA career but was never a star. He did, however, make a name for himself because of his appreciation and love for America and the freedom it provided him— which is why the native of Turkey changed his last name from Kanter to Freedom. Now that he’s out of the league, his primary mission is as a human rights activist, and he got the attention of China thanks to his TikTok posts. 

Freedom said he wanted to point out the abuses going on in China, so he posted his thoughts on TikTok. Here’s how he described what happened in a recent tweet. 

“I bought myself a second phone and downloaded TikTok to start posting about China’s human rights abuses. It literally took the CCP one week to ban me permanently.”

If you want to cut to the chase and find out what Freedom really feels about TikTok, here you go. 

“TikTok is a Chinese Communist surveillance vehicle!”

The message Freedom was given from TikTok told him he was no longer welcome on the site. 

“Your account was permanently banned for violating our Community Guidelines. To appeal this decision, include a description of the issue below.”

That’s what Freedom did — he appealed and was told he was done for good. Appeal denied. 

Thursday, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified in front of members of Congress and did not answer specific questions about whether Chinese officials at parent company ByteDance prepped him for the meeting. 

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