Joe Biden is being crushed for his ineptness regarding the Afghanistan tragedy by politicians from both sides, as well as the media, and millions of  Americans who are appalled and disgusted by what’s transpired. 

What set many people over the edge is the fact the U.S. gave the Taliban the names of Americans and Afghan allies it wanted to get out of the country. Then, on Thursday, 13 Marines were killed in a suicide bombing. 

Many members of Congress are calling for Biden to resign. 

Robert O’Neill is the ex-Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden back in 2011. 

He appeared on Fox News Thursday to talk about what’s going on regarding Joe Biden’s epic failure regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal, terrorism in general, and the death of Marines in the suicide bombing on Thursday. 

Here’s part of his comments. 

“I learned a long time ago, long before the bin Laden raid – when we were in combat with these same groups of people – one of my jobs I had after we assaulted the target was called a battlefield interrogator, where we caught these weaklings who they really are and interrogated them.…What I learned and we’re learning right now is they’re going to lie. They lied to us. They don’t need to tell us the truth because it’s not a legitimate government. These are what we call terrorists.”

“It’s just a sad day…you saw a lot of anger and frustration from veterans [who] were predicting what’s going to happen then. It’s sadness and now it’s a shame.”

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