A very angry woman, who was apparently conned into believing Prince Harry proposed to her, is directing her energy toward Prince Harry.

She wants him arrested.

Palwinder Kaur, who is from India, alleges an online fling culminated in a marriage proposal.

She has filed a lawsuit calling for the real Prince Harry to carry out his promise of marriage “without further delay.”

She also requested that Indian authorities issue an international arrest warrant so that the UK police could apprehend the Duke of Sussex for reneging on his “promise” to marry her.

In a very unsurprising outcome, the Punjab and Haryana high court dismissed the filings (underscoring the silliness by adding the charges were a “daydreamer’s fantasy”), so Meghan Markle can stay around.

At least they tried to let the complainant down easily.

Amangurbir Singh Dhillon, an advocate representing the court, told The Independent: “Love is blind and in this case, it went a step further.”

“The woman was so blind in love that the high court had to put some light into it and give her some clarity.” 

(They didn’t make it as nasty as they could have, refusing to add that, sure, love is blind, but in this case, it’s deaf and sort of dumb, too.)

The court reportedly found that the fictional “Prince Harry” was scamming from an internet cafe in the northern Punjab state. 

He was likely “looking for green pastures for himself.” 

According to reports, when questioned by the judge, Kaur admitted that she had never been to the UK or met the Duke of Sussex in person.

Prince Harry, 36, married Markle in May 2018.

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