Apple Inc. plans to release the new iPhone 15, a model expected to be unveiled at its California headquarters but with a unique twist – your next phone may have been manufactured in India.

Apple is set to release India-built iPhone 15 models available for purchase on the first day of its sale. For the first time, India-made products will arrive at the same time as the Chinese-made models.

According to Bloomberg reports, the tech giant intends to make the India-assembled iPhone 15 available not only in the South Asian nation but in select global markets right from its launch day.

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This groundbreaking move signifies India’s growing prominence in the field of electronics manufacturing and represents a departure from Apple’s previous approach of predominantly selling Chinese-made devices to its global customer base.

Apple plans to release the new iPhone 15 model at its headquarters but with a unique twist, some phones will have been manufactured in India.
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Apple initiated production of the iPhone 15 in southern Tamil Nadu state, collaborating with supplier Foxconn Technology Group, just last month. While most iPhone 15 units will still hail from China, this marks the first instance of a latest-generation, India-manufactured iPhone being offered on the day of its global release.

It’s worth noting that slight delays in availability of the India-made devices may occur due to unforeseen logistical challenges, as noted by the sources. Apple has refrained from commenting on these reports.

The highly anticipated iPhone 15, along with updates to Apple’s watches and AirPods, is scheduled to be unveiled at the company’s U.S. headquarters. Typically, new product sales commence approximately ten days after the unveiling event.

Anticipated to be the most significant iPhone update in three years, the iPhone 15 is expected to feature extensive enhancements to its camera system across all models, while the Pro models are rumored to come equipped with an improved 3-nanometer processor. This new iPhone lineup holds considerable importance for Apple, as the company reported its third consecutive quarter of declining sales in August, primarily due to sluggish demand in key markets such as the US, China, and Europe.

iPhone sales in India grew at a double-digit rate to a new high in the quarter through June, though Apple did not reveal precise numbers.

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