Apple depicted Mother Nature as an ESG consultant grilling corporate heads on environmental protocols in a new video advertisement. Apple CEO Tim Cook posted the video to his X profile on Tuesday night amid the Keynote event in Cupertino, California that culminated with the announcement of the new iPhone 15.

The ad shows a group of Apple corporate officers nervously awaiting the arrival of “Mother Nature” (actress Octavia Spencer), who appears out of thin air after causing the Earth to quake and the skies to darken. Equipped with a submissive bespectacled male assistant, Mother Nature is represented as a brave plus-size Woman of Color with a bad attitude, who acts as a supernatural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) “corporate responsibility” consultant.

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One by one, the leaders of the number one company by market cap in the world attempt to please the domineering dame, whose performance fuses woke-capitalist lingo with tropes of ancient lunar goddess worship found in matriarchal societies and the new age ecofeminist movement Gaianism, which in part derives from scientist James Lovelock’s “Gaia theory.”

“Mother Nature!” Tim Cook begins, “Welcome to Apple. H-How was the weather getting in?” Thunder rumbles. “The weather was however I wanted it to be,” she replies, seemingly undermining the very premise of anthropogenic climate change.

She proceeds to mockingly call Tim Cook “Henry David Thoreau” for having promised that Apple will reduce its carbon footprint to zero by 2030. For the rest of the advertisement, the Apple CEO and his compatriots walk on eggshells as they endeavor to reveal how they will achieve that goal, rattling off their ESG projects, objectives, and statistics. The montage serves as an opportunity for Apple to boast, verbally showcasing its eco-friendly accolades to its shareholder and consumer audiences.

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Mother Nature is left pleasantly surprised by their compliance to ESG standards, and the ad ends with the announcement of Apple’s “very first carbon-neutral project,” the new Apple watch. “Don’t disappoint your mother,” she warns as she exits.

The video provoked responses from many critics on X. One said simply “vomit,” others called it “cringe,” “the corniest skit of all time,” and one replied with the clown face emoji.

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