Anti-Trump Super Pac and Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver exits after reportedly sexting underage kids.

          John weaver is caught red handed with trying, no actually sexting underage kids. This is who both John mccain and John kasich trusted and told us they are on right side of history. I don’t think so. John Weaver and his gang at Lincoln project  told us how Donald J Trump is this type evil person who sexually harassed woman nonstop. The truth is John shouldn’t lecture any  trump supporters on values and morals. Lincoln project is fake movement and Shield for the establishment.

The Truth always comes out  my friend

     John was most trusted man in politics yet he is weirdo and abused his power. Politics should make people humble and honest not the opposite.  You shouldn’t  take political advice from man that sext little kids. They told us big mean orange man is evil. Lincoln project has a lot explaining to do. The fact they don’t vet their founders or co-workers is highly questionable. John was never on winning team in his whole career. He preached about how President Trump was very bad guy yet it was him who was sexting little kids. John Weaver only hated because it was right time to cash in on that trump hate. I will not take advice from dude who is clearly jealous of our President Trump.

Final  Words are often said by winners of the war

    John weaver told us all that it was about american morals to reject President Trump however that can’t be the truth. Mr.weaver is no position to tell american people anything. As history books are written, it will show President Trump fought against evil corrupt people who sext underage kids like John weaver. People shouldn’t forget the dangerous actions of John.  1 down there are 3 more to go. These men are failed  men.

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