The former star of “LA Ink” is taking her ink and heading to a small town in Indiana due to California’s “tyrannical government,” as Kat Von D called it.

In a Facebook post last week, Von D cited California’s corruption as a reason for her and her son to relocate. “Definitely not ever selling our beautiful home in LA, but with all that’s been taking place in California, with terrible policies, tyrannical government overreach, ridiculous taxing, amongst so much more corruption, we just felt the need to plant roots in a small town where my son can be free to play, and where we can eventually retire one day,” she said.

Kat Von D also clarified that she will not be closing her Los Angeles shop. 

The exodus of the tattoo artist is one among a growing list of high-profile people fleeing the Golden State. 

Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk also recently announced his departure from California and said the state is resting on its previous success. “If a team is winning for too long, they tend to get complacent,” Musk said. “California has been winning for a long time, and I think they’re taking it for granted a little bit.”

Texas is probably thrilled to have the $155 billion-aire calling their state home now. 

Joe Rogan also recently moved to Texas from California and said he was looking for “somewhere where you can have a little more freedom.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom just announced that stay-at-home orders currently in place in the state are likely to be extended through the end of the year.

Moving trucks, start your engines!

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