It took 364 days, 23 hours, and a few extra minutes, but New Yorkers seemed to find one thing they could all agree on;  their mayor the past eight years was an absolute disaster. 

Bravo’s Andy Cohen, the man behind the Real Housewives franchise, appeared with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live.” Cohen used the opportunity to tee off on Bill de Blasio, the despised Mayor of New York City, whose eight-year run as the leader of the Big Apple came to an end. 

Cohen was ready to share his feelings. Yes, he may have been drunk, but his commentary made for some of the best TV on CNN in a long time. 

While Cooper implored Cohen not to go on a rant, Cohen ignored him and proceeded with this. 

“Do his victory lap dance after four years as the crappiest term of the mayor of New York.”

All Cooper could do was laugh embarrassingly and fail to hold Cohen back as his rant continued. 

“The only thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is what a horrible Mayor he has been. So, Sayonara Sucker!”

What was most odd about the entire clip is how Anderson Cooper was so adamant about stopping Cohen when he would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the city who disagreed with Cohen. 

He finished his entertaining blast by saying he’d be back on New Year’s Eve in 2022, and people would be dancing in the streets as things hopefully return to normal. 

I’m paraphrasing a bit on that last part.  It’s worth a watch. 

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