Since Andrew Tate was arrested back in December 2022 for alleged human trafficking, the social media personality has not seemed to catch a break from the mainstream media.

This time around, however, Tate is taking matters into his own hands and directly responded to the madness behind his recent interview with BBC News.

Tate addresses all “legacy media” listening to his recorded interview, opening up the conversation with a simple message: “The legacy media, which I enjoyed the company of today, have made a massive mistake and missed the chance to do some genuinely interesting journalism.”

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He continued, “After being unfairly incarcerated in a Romanian dungeon, I thought that even the BBC, in its absolute arrogance and hubris would be smart enough to come to me after six months being the first interview I gave to the Matrix, and be smart enough to ask questions people are genuinely interested in.”

Tate goes on describing the kinds of questions audiences would actually find interesting instead of the attempted and awkward probe that took place. After obvious frustration, Tate responded directly to the “Matrix media now.”

“Attempting this attack to get this ‘bombshell, a-ha moment’ is never going to work because 1. I’m too smart for all of you and 2. Nobody cares — nobody cares I made a joke eight years ago because everybody knows I was joking, and everybody knows the truth of my message. So you’re wasting ABSOLUTELY everybody’s time.”

Tate discusses the male mental health crisis in today’s society and how vital it is to help young men become the best version of themselves. Instead, mainstream media sources go for ratings rather than helping the wellbeing of humanity.

“My hourly rate is high — it’s not very fun for me to do; I just do it — it has to be done but I don’t particularly enjoy it. So, in the interest of spreading good and positivity in the world, which is my number one objective, I am making this clear to all Legacy Media outlets — I will no longer interact with you for free. Nobody cares that you lie about me, and nobody cares what you say.”

“My fee, from this point onwards is $50,000 and a box of chocolates — that is what its going to cost you to speak to me. If you are from the Matrix, you will give me $50,000 in advance which will be donated to Tate Pledge, which will be used to feed children in war-torn countries.”

WATCH: Andrew Tate’s Official Statement After his BBC Interview

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