WATCH: Andrew Tate’s full interview with the BBC

In what seemed to be one of the most uncomfortable interviews in recent mainstream media history, the BBC took first place the moment Andrew Tate agreed to be interviewed by them.

The recorded interview was apparently released before BBC’s set release next week. At the beginning of the video, a statement reads that the BBC had been begging Andrew Tate for an interview, promising “fair and balanced” questions.

It didn’t exactly play out that way.

Here are some highlights:

1. The interview between the BBC’s Lucy Williamson and Andrew Tate felt more like a probe against Tate than an actual dialogue.

Tate: “If I was a matrix-controlled organization and my goal was to slander somebody and try to destroy their name – you’re telling me that they’ve chosen a crime which 1. Is heinous because they have chosen a crime that damages their credibility and 2. You’re saying that even if everyone else is involved – if you have five people and everyone is sitting there saying ‘no, nobody’s hurting anybody, we like everybody, everyone works together, we’re friends, etc.…” He immediately gets cut off by Lucy.

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As Lucy attempts to get more specific on the details of the accusations, she is interrupted and reminded from her team that Tate cannot go into the details of his open case. She pivots.

2. Tate makes a few things very clear right from the beginning.

Tate: “We have an open criminal investigation; I am absolutely sure I will be found innocent. I know the case better than you, I know it intimately and you don’t. I’ve seen all the criminal files and the ‘evidence’ against me and you haven’t, I know the truth of what happened and you don’t, and I’m telling you I have never hurt anybody and that the case that has been put against me is completely and utterly fabricated. And I am never going to be found guilty of anything.

“You are wrong and we’re going to have to accept that from now on and talk about something else.”

3. Although Williamson was invited into Tate’s home for the interview, she continuously speaks as the authoritative voice in the interview, probing Tate to admit to any and all allegations of his wrongdoing towards women (particularly from a ‘Sophie’ that Tate claims does not exist and was fabricated by the BBC).

Tate: “Thousands of women have come out in my defense and you have not mentioned that.”

Williamson: “The problem is, when women accuse you of serious crimes – it’s not a problem that some people say you haven’t done it, it’s the problem that some people say you have.”

Tate: “The people who are involved in the criminal investigation are saying, ‘we’re not victims of anything; Andrew’s fine, he’s never hurt us’ – you’re saying, ‘no, the opposite to that – I have someone called Sophie with no face, a fake name, who we’ve invented and she’s now accusing you of anything criminal.”

4. Williamson made the ludicrous claim that his specific lifestyle is tied to misogyny.

Williamson: “You said an image of financial success with a Bugatti and a cigar, but it comes with a side order of misogyny.”

Tate: “How does having a Bugatti and a cigar come with misogyny?”

Williamson: “Because it’s all mixed together in what you teach. You teach that a woman – if a woman comes home and accuses you of cheating, you should hit her with a machete, shove her up against the wall – ”

Tate: “Is that what I teach?!”

Williamson: “That’s what you say!”

Tate: “No, if you absolutely watch the clip it will be about the woman attacking me with the machete. As usual, you’ve not watched the video, taken it out of context, flipped it and attempted to attack me with a small excerpt.”

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