Absolute power is typically not something that leads to great decision. That goes for CEO’s, presidents, and NFL head coaches.

Urban Meyer was hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars to turn around a dreadful franchise and instantly improve a lousy team. He’s one of the greatest college coaches ever, winning national championships at both the University of Florida and Ohio State.

As a college head coach, the great ones do not typically rule by democracy. It’s “my way or the highway” typically, but that type of attitude when you are coaching grown men in the NFL will get you in trouble.

Meyer filled his director of sports performance position on his coaching staff by hiring a very controversial character. Chris Doyle held that position at the University of Iowa, until he left the school after he was accused of making racial remarks and bullying and belittling players.

He received a settlement package of over $1 million to walk away from Iowa, and he landed on his fee with an even better gig in Jacksonville.

The heat was on Meyer as soon as word leaked he hired Doyle, a toxic candidate that might have had a hard time staying in this line of work based on his background. Meyer justified his decision by saying he has known Doyle for 20 years, and he had vetted him extensively.

On Saturday, after a couple days of being chastised for this odd decision, Meyer accepted Doyle’s resignation. “Chris Doyle came to us this evening to submit his resignation and we have accepted,” read the statement from the team. “Chris did not want to be a distraction to what we are building in Jacksonville. We are responsible for all aspects of our program and, in retrospect, should have given greater consideration to how his appointment may have affected all involved. We wish him the best as he moves forward in his career.”

It’s a humbling moment for Meyer, and a quick lesson learned that he’s not in college ball anymore.

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