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In the first two years of starting a business, entrepreneurs are in survival mode. During that time, anything that can go wrong, probably will. One of the biggest problems during those first two years is that when you were an employee, you were told what to do. Because of that, your creativity muscle stopped working — and that muscle is what must be working in order to make it in business.

In this video I cover the 8 Things that Cause Entrepreneurs to Be More Creative

#1: Desperation – 04:28

#2: Frustration – 06:46

#3: Curiosity – 07:40

#4: Love – 08:16

#5: Hate – 09:34

#6: Passion – 09:52

#7: Purpose – 10:02

#8: An Uneasiness About the Status Quo – 11:06

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