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If I were to ask you what is the most important asset as you’re trying to build your business, what would you say? Most people answer, “money.” But I’m here to tell you that it’s not money, it’s social capital. It’s talented leaders.

In this video I cover the following 17 different ways you can lose talented leaders in your organization.

#1: Box People into a Job Description – 00:53

#2: Expecting Too Much, Too Soon – 03:45

#3 Expecting Too Little – 05:19

#4: Breaking Your Promises – 06:11

#5: Promoting the Wrong People – 06:28

#6: Failure to Get Rid of Or Break Ties with People that Deserve to Get Fired – 07:34

#7: Failure to Give Credit Where Credit is Due – 08:31

#8: Not Showing You Genuinely Care – 09:14

#9: Never Admitting You Are Wrong – 09:34

#10: You Not Being Predictable – 10:04

#11: Not Setting a Great Personal Example — Having Character Issues – 11:36

#12: No Vision –12:23

#13: Not Allowing Them to Make Mistakes – 13:03

#14: Not Being Hands on and Aware of What is Going on on a Daily Basis – 14:11

#15: Measuring Hours Instead of Results – 15:40

#16: No Clear Direction – 17:13

#17: They’re Not Being Challenged – 17:49

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